MEP Eligibility Criteria

The criteria for entry to the MEP in January 2015 are:
  • have a recognised higher education undergraduate degree at a pass level or above; 
  • have Qualified Teacher Status and be employed as a newly qualified teacher in their first year of teaching in a maintained school in Wales in a role that can be counted towards statutory induction; 
  • be registered with the General Teaching Council for Wales (GTCW) and be approved by their initial selection as eligible for application to the MEP; 
  • be employed for an initial period until at least the end of the Spring Term 2015 in one or more maintained schools in Wales equivalent to at least a 0.4 contract; 
  • have the agreement of their headteacher(s) to proceeding with University application.


In addition, it has been agreed that NQTs whose contract started after the application deadline for 2014 and have subsequently met all of the criteria stated above are now eligible for 2015 entry.

MEP Eligibility Criteria


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